Main Range


We have the highest quality ball valves that conforms to internationally recognized specifications.

We do carry spares for our range of valves.
We do supply test and spectro analysis certificates.
We have a “no shortcuts” policy in the manufacturing of our valves i.e. material, sizing and the correct assembly thereof.
We do not use bolts instead of studs or nuts.
We do not make use of lighter castings in order to save costs.
We do not supply DIN valves using ASA castings with a larger OD flange.

We do take pride in the quality and appearance of our valves.



  1. Stainless Steel Barstock Ball Valve
  2. Carbon Steel Barstock Ball Valve
  3. Stainless Steel 2-Piece Ball Valve
  4. Carbon Steel 2-Piece Ball Valve
  5. Carbon and Stainless Steel 3-Piece Ball Valve

Extended Range

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