Pleix-Quip Africa is a leading supplier of valves and fluid systems to a wide spectrum of industries. We are proud of being known in the marketplace for the quality of our products and our high level of service. The Pleix-Quip brand has been in existence since 1989 and has gone from strength to strength.

A lot has changed in the market since its conception, but Pleix-Quip Africa has progressed with the times and stands out in the market with many of our product specifications having become the norm. 

Our focus is on providing technically correct valves and fluid systems to our customers. In many instances we are the market leader when it comes to quality.

We conduct business ethically and safely and view our clients with the highest regard.

Apart from our daily sales, Pleix-Quip Africa is continuously involved in major projects all over the Sub-Saharan Africa region. The brand is very well known in the mining, water, electricity generation, manufacturing and chemical industries. Our project criterion is to exceed customers’ expectations by completing the project with quality assurance & control, excellent customer service and after sales service.

Pleix-Quip Africa emphasizes quality control and assurance. We are committed to provide high quality products, effective project management and outstanding customer service.

In many instances our clients consult us on a regular basis and use us as the benchmark by which they make their valve and fluid systems choices. They know that they can count on the high level of industry knowledge and intellectual capital that is present in our organisation.

Pleix-Quip Africa values its staff and the relationship between management and employees is one that is given primary attention. Each employee is offered an equal opportunity and we are excited about our equity goals.

The future will inevitably bring new challenges and opportunities. We are optimistic about the future of South Africa and other developing countries. We endeavour to keep supplying trusted and innovative products to meet the needs of first world companies in a developing world, building partnerships that are meaning and purposeful.

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